Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Guzman Out of Hospital

Pablo Guzman is resting at home after being released from a Westchester hospital yesterday evening. He was there being treated for injuries, including two broken ribs, sustained in a serious car accident Monday evening. "I shouldn't be here now," he told Lou Young, whose interview with Guzman aired last night at 11:00. The accident was so bad that the police who responded to the scene expected to find a fatality.

Guzman says he's still sore and his dreams keep going back to the accident. "I see the car spinning and I'm just wondering if I could have done anything different" he says. He thanks the paramedics and the police and says "God must want something else for you to do."

Young gave viewers a tour of the wrecked Honda CR-V at the junk yard, showing just how lucky Guzman was to get out alive. According to witnesses, someone cut Guzman off and that's when his car lost control, slamming into the rock wall and flipping over. "Am I going to get out alive?" was one of the thoughts Guzman says went through his head.

Young reported that Guzman could be out for a couple of weeks.

Click here for video of the interview of one veteran reporter interviewing another.

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