Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Rosenfield Will Miss Tyler

The story in today's Daily News has a few more nuggets of information, including this:

"I will miss everybody I worked with in the newsroom, and especially Dana Tyler," Rosenfield said when reached Tuesday. "I've really enjoyed sitting next to Dana Tyler, it has been a pleasure and a privilege."

He said Tyler was "professional" and "giving."

There's also this about his contract:
The move is not completely unexpected. When Ch. 2 moved him to the noon and 6 p.m. shows last June, the station was technically in breach of his contract, meaning he could leave at any time for a better offer.
The paper also notes: "Rosenfield grew up in a CBS household. His father, Jim Sr., was a veteran TV executive and former president of the CBS TV network." That would explain why he said "I grew up watching Channel 2 News... I feel truly privileged to have this responsibility because this is what I grew up watching" in this promo (1:00 - 1:15).

Meanwhile, NewsByte2 visitors are making their picks for who should fill Rosenfield's chair. It looks like most of you think it will be either weekend evening anchor Don Dahler or weekend morning anchor Steve Bartelstein. Someone mentioned that morning anchor Maurice DuBois might move back to afternoons. Two people also mentioned that they would like to see Cindy Hsu back at the anchor desk.

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