Thursday, June 5, 2008

CBS 2 News Covers Second Times Building Climber

Just minutes after reporting about the "French Spiderman" Alain Robert, who climbed the 52-story New York Times Building earlier today, Dana Tyler announced that it was happening again. Yes, a second man was scaling the building's wall. CBS 2 was the first station to report the news at 6:05 and immediately tossed to shots from Dave Carlin's position on the ground. Pictures from Chopper 2 followed soon after and Joe Biermann provided additional information. At one point, an "exclusive" graphic was put up but that was quickly discontinued after it was clear that the other stations had joined in the live coverage of the odd scene.

CBS 2 went to a commercial break at 6:12 and returned with some of the day's other news, weather and sports (which was reduced to just a story about the Yankees) mixed in with additional live coverage. Tyler explained to viewers that the station did not want to follow it continuously because of the possibility that it could end tragically. At 6:17, Biermann noted, "He is getting tired."

At the end of the 6:00 news, Tyler said that they would have more on the climber at 11:00. has a story about the incident here.

Update: has the video of the initial breaking news report here... and here are some snapshots:

Tagging the story about the day's first climber with some video of other notable NYC stunts.

CBS 2 had a live shot almost immediately because they had been covering the first climber.

Chopper 2 and Joe Biermann on the scene.

The 52-story New York Times building in Times Square.

A police officer tells Dave Carlin to move out of the way.

The "exclusive" graphic did not stay on the screen for long.

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