Friday, June 13, 2008

More of Those New Promos

The third batch of those still photos promos hit the air on Wednesday. One features the noon and 6:00 anchor team of Dana Tyler and Don Dahler, meaning that all three of the weekday teams are now been highlighted in these spots. The other shows Cindy Hsu and talks about her parenting reports.

"A Team You Can Trust"

"Your Family, Your News"

These spots began airing on April 29th and the second group debuted on May 21st.

In other promo news, as the heat wave gripped the tri-state area over the weekend and the early part of this week, CBS 2 debuted a few more summer-related weather factoid promos. Here are two: Summer Solstice and Hottest Day.

And in recent weeks, the station has been doing promos for the next day's 6:00 newscast, as is regularly done with the 5:00 and 11:00 newscasts.

Update: We hear that a promo for John Slattery has also been spotted.

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rtmclaugh said...

I have these promos saved as part of my "Favorites" section on YouTube. These are really good promos, and the way they were put together is excellent. Cindy, Don, and Dana are New York news icons. They truly deserved these. I must say that say that Cindy deserves a spot behind the anchor desk. Other than that, I liked these very much.