Saturday, June 7, 2008

Heat Wave Weekend NewsBytes

Here are a bunch of quick headlines for you as you try to keep cool in the tri-state this weekend... Feel free to weigh in in the comments section:

> For the first time since Christmas, Cindy Hsu anchored a newscast. The nearly 15-year veteran of the station filled in alongside Chris Wragge on CBS 2 News at 5:00 and at 11:00, and next to Steve Bartelstein this morning.

> A day after two climbers scaled The New York Times building in Times Square, Don Dahler tried to give viewers a sense of what the two publicity-seeking men were feeling. The anchor climbed a 25-foot wall in Chelsea Piers three times and said that, by the end of the climbs, his arms and fingers were cramping, even though he does rock climbing and has done 200-foot cliffs. "The physical feats these men accomplished are nothing short of astounding," Dahler said, adding that they were "very dangerous, illegal, foolish and they could have easily ended in death." Watch the video on here.

> Megan Glaros filled in for Lonnie Quinn at 11:00 last night even though Quinn was on hand for the 5:00 and 6:00 newscasts. Quinn had to be in Newport, RI to do the weather live from the "Great Chowder Cook-Off" on this morning's The Early Show.

> And speaking of CBS 2 News at 11:00 last night, there were no commercial breaks until 11:32. Hsu and Wragge did a ten-second tease just after "NUMB3RS" and this is usually followed by a 60-second commercial break. Instead, there were a few seconds of black and then the newscast started up. After the one break at the end, Glaros was called on to give another look at the forecast and Hsu and Wragge chatted about it for a few seconds. In the close, Wragge mentioned that it was a "commercial-free edition of CBS 2 News." Was this intentional?

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rtmclaugh said...

It's so good to see Cindy back behind the anchor desk. She's a true talent and should be given a permanent spot. Give her Mary's weekend evening spot so Mary can have a lighter workload. Or, give her a weekday spot. Preferably noon.

I was surprised to see Megan subbing for Lonnie. But, she has an AMS seal and he doesn't. I would watch Megan and Lonnie, but Megan more often than Lonnie.

Don's stunt with the rock wall was an interesting choice. If sweeps were still going, this would've made a good piece.

No commercial breaks until the very end, huh? Interesting choice of action. I guess they wanted to keep people watching the news. They could've gotten more stories in that way. They should do that more often.

You think these could be signs of further things to come in the future?