Monday, October 5, 2009

Don't Worry About The Facts

Accuracy apparently doesn't matter these days. Check out two examples in stories about Rob Morrison becoming an anchor/reporter at CBS 2:

Morrison was one of several high- profile staffers -- including Jim Rosenfield, Scott Weinberger and Andrew Kirtzman -- cut loose by Ch. 4 last year in a cost- cutting move.
WNBC has cut many big names in the last year but those guys weren't among them. Rosenfield left CBS 2 after three years in May 2008. He had been at NBC 4 before that and after his first stint at CBS 2. CBS 2 cut Weinberger and Kirtzman in March 2008. Weinberger also joined from NBC 4 but Kirtzman never even worked at that station at all. It's unclear where Starr got his info from.

It’s been four months since was Rob Morrison was cut from his “Today in New York” duties, weekday mornings at WNBC.
Actually, Morrison left "TINY" late May 2008, not 2009, so it's more like one year and four months. What's worse is that this was Barmash's lead and it only took three words to be wrong. Oh, and in the same piece:
Cindy Hsu, who filled in for Calvi in recent weeks, will go back to a Monday to Friday reporting schedule.
Hsu was anchoring weekend mornings alongside Calvi in recent months, not filling in for her.

As they say, don't let the facts get in the way of a good story... but these aren't even good stories.

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