Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Garcia Leaves

According to Lou Young's Twitter, reporter Deborah Garcia is leaving CBS 2. Her last report aired on the 6:00 newscast. For many weeks in 2007, she and Sean Hennessey anchored the Saturday and Sunday morning newscasts in what appeared to be an attempt to groom the pair but that ended by the summer. Garcia joined CBS 2 in October 2006 from WKMG, the CBS affiliate in Orlando.

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Live from New York said...

Does anyone know why she left? She hasn't looked happy the past few months. I wonder if she felt slighted when she wasn't given the weekend anchor position and was passed over for Mary Calvi. If she left because she got tired of the business, then who could blame her when you have to cover the things that go on in this city, but I thought she had a stronger backbone than that. She seemed like a tough news gal to me.