Thursday, October 26, 2000

New York Live

This morning, CBS 2 began airing a promo about "New York Live". It starts on Monday, and it will be the new name for "News 2 at 4:00".

The promo looks very nice, and it looks like the 4:00 news will remain the same, except Todd McDermott may do the news (they show him when talking about news and traffic). If this is true, he may do the news from either the main desk or the news desk. It looks like there may be new graphics and new music, but we will have to wait.

It appears as if the change from News 2 to CBS 2 News, will begin Monday. It is not yet definite that the other newscasts will change at all, but it is very likely CBS 2 will premiere new graphics and music for the other shows as well. We'll update with new information as soon as we get it.

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