Monday, October 30, 2000

"The News This Morning"

This morning at 5am, NEWS 2 officially changed to the CBS 2 Information Network. No changes in the graphics or music in the morning, but the show is called "The News This Morning (on CBS 2)". The opening is different, but still similar. It's very similar to the "top stories" open News 2 used when they changed in April, and lasted only for a few months. At the beginning of all four morning opens, they showed all of their partners, and said, "You're watching the CBS 2 Information Network." Then after that, the opening goes, "Now, live from Fifth Avenue, this is The News This Morning." They have a different bottom and top of the screen and the logo says "CBS 2 This Morning".

Other changes to note:
-The animation between top stories is the same, but a different sound is used.
-The "Traffic and Weather" animation is mostly the same, just slightly different. It has the CBS 2 logo instead, and the words are animated a bit differently.
-The split-screen now has "CBS" written all over the bottom instead of "NEWS".
-The same animation before the opening was also used before the "Inside The Daily News" segment.
-There is a new "Top Stories" open for around 5:45 and 6:45. Similar to the old one, but different words and says CBS 2 instead of NEWS 2. -Todd McDermott did a report about the CBS 2 Information Network.
-There is now a new 30-second commercial advertising the CBS 2 Information Network, with all of the sources, and telling what it is all about.
COMING SOON: Pictures of the new CBS 2 Information Network!

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