Monday, October 30, 2000

Evening News Update

Today on "New York Live", the opening was different than the other openings. It looked similar to some of the promos for the show, which started airing on Thursday. After the open, Todd McDermott had a preview of the news, and Ira Joe Fisher had a preview of the weather. After, Dana Tyler and Stephen Clark had a much longer chat than usual, and it appears to be part of the new 4:00 format. Todd McDermott had the news headlines three times (around 4:05, then at 4:31, and at 4:45). Traffic with Heather O'Rourke was twice, at the usual 4:32 and 4:55. Robyn Carter had the "CBS 2 Entertainment Report" after Ira's weather (the CBS 2 Information Network animation came before the animation).

At 4:39, a few minutes later than it used to be, "Tomorrow's Daily News Today in New York" segment (the CBS 2 Information Network animation also came before the Daily News animation). The music for the show is the same as used in the commercials, and the graphics are the same, except for the "New York Live!" logo on the left.

On "The News at 5:00", Todd McDermott did a report about the CBS 2 Information Network (same report as the one shown this morning) and there was a "The News at 5:30" opening also. On "The News at 6:00", Michael Pomeranz filled in for Stephen Clark, although Stephen was there for "New York Live!"

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