Monday, October 23, 2000

"CBS 2 News" Might Be Here Soon!

Many "hints" were given today about the new CBS 2 News. First, near the end of News 2 at 5:00, Dana Tyler had a preview of what was coming up on News 2 at 6:00. She said, "Coming up on News 2 at 6, a story you'll see only on CBS 2 News." Also, there is a new promo on Channel 2, about the Election coverage. They have the CBS 2 logo at the end, instead of the News 2 logo. And thirdly, this morning (or late last night) the 5-day forecast weather graphic slightly changed. Like the lower-thirds graphics, the bottom now says, "CBS" instead of "NEWS". My prediciton is that News 2 will change to "CBS 2 News" on Election Day, November 7th (that's a Tuesday). More coverage coming soon.

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