Monday, August 27, 2001

CBS 2 News This Morning in Studio 43

Today's the big day! CBS 2 News This Morning started in Studio 43 this morning at 5:00. Michael Pomeranz and Lisa Hill previewed the newscast on the left of the news desk near four monitors with the "CBS 2 Information Network" and the "CBS 2 News This Morning" logos. They also welcomed viewers to their new studio at the CBS Broadcast Center in Manhattan. The open of the show was changed, with a new Information Network animation. Then they showed Michael and Lisa walking over to the desk with the "CBS 2 News This Morning" logo on the bottom. The open went like this: "You're watching CBS 2, home of the CBS 2 Information Network... Live from the CBS 2 Information Center in New York, this is CBS 2 News This Morning." Here's a look at other changes that were made this morning:

Studio 43
This new studio, which we have been waiting for since May, finally came! It's a great studio with a news desk, an "Information Center" newsroom behind it, and an interview area. There are monitors and CBS 2 logos everywhere. Some monitors have views of New York City (nighttime scenes in the 5:00 hour, daytime views in the 6:00 hour). And the lighting creates "CBS 2 Information Network" and "CBS 2 Info Center" logos on the floor. Sweeping camera angles of the studio were shown often right before commercial breaks. And Janine D'Adamo mentioned that they now use a green chroma-key screen, instead of blue, so "I can wear blue now!"

CBS 2 Info Bar
Michael and Lisa introduced the "Info Bar" at 5:21. It's a black bar at the bottom of the screen (similar to the Sports Scoreboard) with news, weather, stocks, and sports. It's also where the current temperature is located (the "2" logo now has only the time above it). They said that it's an improvement of the CBS 2 Info Box, which used to appear on the bottom-left of the screen. It popped-up saying "INFOBOX: THIS SPACE FOR RENT".

Pet Pix and Wake-Up Call
After her weather report at 5:14, Janine D'Adamo introduced a new segment on CBS 2 News This Morning, "Pet Pix". As Brian reported earlier, CBS 2 will show viewers' digital pictures of their pets in the morning. This morning it was just some producers' pets used. And at 6:45, Janine did the "Wake-Up Call". CBS 2 News at Noon anchor Cindy Hsu was the person who was called this morning! Janine quizzed her to see how well she knew her co-anchors: Which anchor, Michael or Lisa, was a photographer before they anchored? Cindy correctly answered that it was Lisa. Janine also said that they may have contests and giveaways in the future.

Other important notes are that Susan McGinnis did the CBS MarketWatch report only once, at 5:44. This is probably because she had to go to Fifth Avenue to The Early Show's studio for her 7:20 report. The "Inside The Daily News" animation was changed to use the new Information Network graphic. There is also a new full screen for the morning newscast. The "Traffic And Weather on the 2's" animation was changed. And "Rock N Roll History", which was added to the newscast two months ago, has disappeared. Here are some snapshots, courtesy of Kevin:

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