Saturday, August 18, 2001

CBS 2 This Morning: Pet Pic of the Day!

CBS 2's website,, is advertising for a new segment on CBS 2 This Morning called the Pet Pic of the Day. Here's more from the Pet Pic of the Day page at
In this digital age, who doesn't love to take photos and share them online? CBS 2 This Morning would love to see your digital pictures of your pet. Each day we'll pick out the best and share it with our online and on-air audience.
Visit the Pet Pic of the Day page at for more information on where to send the photos, and also some important notices.

This new feature is just one of many changes that indicate that CBS 2 This Morning is going to be changing from hard news to a lighter format. Other changes over the last few weeks include more of a discussion to begin the newscast (instead of a rundown of the Top Stories), and there have been special guests during the 6:30am half-hour. CBS 2 also appears to be advertising for their website more often during their newscasts, and CBS 2 This Morning will share the pet photos with their "online and on-air audience." All of these signs point to a more interactive format for CBS 2 News. Stay with CBS 2 New York as CBS 2 continues to undergo these exciting changes!


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