Tuesday, August 28, 2001

Nightcast in Studio 43

"Nightcast" began last night as usual: with a preview during the previous show's credits, then a 30-second commercial break. The open, which now has the new CBS 2 Information Network graphic, is now worded like this: "You're watching CBS 2, home of the CBS 2 Information Network. Live from the CBS 2 Information Center in New York, this is Nightcast." The open had called it "CBS 2 Nightcast" since late April. It now appears as if they've changed the title back to "Nightcast". This open is now different than the other new opens that premiered yesterday because it does not show the anchors in the second half (they kept the animation for the open).

Then Ernie Anastos and Angela Rae were at the plasma screens with the top story. Back at the news desk, they added an HDTV plasma screen on the right next to Ernie (possibly from Studio 59A or 59B). David Rogers previewed the weather standing by the large video wall (which shows nighttime scenes of the city). And after a story about PowerBall winners, Angela Rae said, "Well, we have hit the jackpot ourselves here at the CBS 2 Information Network. Look at us! We're in new digs!" Angela, Ernie, and David talked about the Information Center behind them, and welcomed viewers to their new home. Angela added, "And there's just more to come!"

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