Friday, August 24, 2001

Press Release: Kramer to Interview Senator Clinton

CBS 2 has issued a Press Release announcing Marcia Kramer's upcoming interview with New York Senator Hillary Clinton:
New York Senator Hillary Clinton, in her first in-depth television interview since her election to the Senate in November 2000, sat down recently with CBS 2 Chief Political/Investigative Reporter Marcia Kramer for an exclusive one-on-one interview in which the two discuss Clinton’s relationship with husband and former President Bill Clinton, the Mideast crisis and the role Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat plays in the situation and the state of New York City’s public school system and ways they must be improved.

In addition, Clinton also talks about the Democrat’s chances for a return to the White House in 2004 and the need for reform of the national election process.

Kramer, winner of numerous awards for reporting on the local, national and international level, including the prestigious Peabody Award, conducted the exclusive interview at Nation’s CafĂ© in New York City. Highlights of the interview will be featured during the station’s 5PM newscast beginning on Monday, Aug. 27 on WCBS-TV New York.

Kramer question’s the former First Lady on the differences between then and now, the dynamic between her and Bill now that she is an elected official and he is a civilian, the difficulties of working in an all-male environment, and what it’s like to work with an administration diametrically opposed to everything she stands for.

Part II of the interview, to be broadcast on Tuesday, Aug. 28 (5:00 PM, ET) focuses on Clinton’s views on the situation in the Mideast and whether Arafat has the will to stop the violence.

Kramer has been a reporter with WCBS since 1990 and is also the host of CBS 2’s public affairs political talk show SUNDAY EDITION.

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