Saturday, February 17, 2007

Can You Spot The Mistake?

These snapshots are from CBS 2's five-second station identifications on Super Bowl Sunday, February 4th from 4:59, 5:29 and 5:58, respectively.


Anonymous said... the heck did the editors get that one through.

Anonymous said...

Wow they blew it. I can't believe thay're a flagship station. Was that on all of Chris and Kristine's Promos throughtout the superbowl broadcast or were they on only at the specified times.

Geoffrey said...

I believe that it was corrected in later airings.

I caught it only by chance. I was at my uncle's Super Bowl party when I happened to look up just as it was on the TV across the room. I thought maybe that my eyes were wrong... but then I was able to check it at home yesterday because that's where I had recorded it.

It is surprising that it was able to make it to TV.