Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Lou Young Slips On Ice Live

Just a few minutes ago, CBS 2 News reporter Lou Young took a tumble while doing a live report on the snow. While in Middletown, NY, he slipped onto his backside. He seemed to be okay, though, as he laughed and continued on with his report. A few minutes later, Dana Tyler joked to Young, "What hurt more: your pride or your bottom?"

11:50PM UPDATE: Here's the video:

12:06AM UPDATE: CBS 2 News replayed the event later in the newscast for viewers who missed it or just wanted to see it again. And WCBS NewsRadio 880 just played a brief audio clip of Young's fall.

Oh yeah, and do you think that the new style of lower-third graphics used for "Storm Watch" and "Spring Training" are a sign of changes to come?

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