Thursday, February 15, 2007

Lou Young's Fall Fallout

Lou Young wrote about Tuesday night's live slip in the snow on his blog last night. He talked about how everyone has fallen... "It’s just that when I fall at work everybody sees it." posted a fun story about the fall and the response:
After being assured nothing had been hurt but his pride, his colleagues on "CBS 2 News At 11" replayed the pratfall later in the newscast. It was shown a number of times on the next day's "CBS 2 News This Morning." It got nationwide play on Wednesday's CBS News' "The Early Show." And it was exposed to a world-wide audience when someone posted the clip on the popular video sharing Web site YouTube.
By the way, that video has already received over 20,000 hits.

"The thing I like about the fall is that it proves not everything is choreographed," Young told NewsByte2. "There are still honest moments possible. Even if they leave bruises."

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