Friday, February 9, 2007

Lowering the Lower-Thirds

CBS 2 News seems to be experimenting with the lower-thirds today. The graphics have been lowered to a position almost aligned with the time and temperature, covering up the space that had been left open for the morning ticker. Over the course of the noon newscast, the graphics seem to changing positions slightly: They either line up with the time/temp bug on the bottom or are slightly above that position.

It's not just the L3s that are affected: The "live" graphic has also been lowered, though this appears to be in error. The "Money Watch" full screen graphic was lower as well.

During the first tease of the newscast, the text for the upcoming stories was not lining up with the "Coming Up" graphic, but the "Coming Up" was lowered to correct this by the second tease.

Interestingtly, there were no graphics and no bug in the final block of the News at Noon.

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