Monday, January 1, 2007

CBS 2 News Covers Times Square Ball Drop

In a departure from CBS 2 tradition, the station lucked out from CBS Sports programming that went late and was able to be live as the ball dropped in Times Square tonight.

The "NFL on CBS" coverage concluded a few minutes after 7:25, instead of 7:00, delaying the entire network schedule and meaning that CBS 2 News at 11:00 with Mary Calvi started late. The 35-minute long broadcast managed to be delayed just long enough so that it would end one minute after midnight, allowing for Brendan Keefe to report live from Times Square in time for the countdown, the confetti and the fireworks. Video from is available by clicking here.

In recent memory, CBS 2 News has not provided live programming as the New Year arrived, usually airing a taped "The Late Show with David Letterman" when New Year's Eve fell during the week while ABC and NBC were live in Times Square.

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