Monday, January 22, 2007

Coming Up at 5:00: Gimmicks

Since Chris Wragge and Kristine Johnson became the anchors for CBS 2 News at 5:00 (and Noon) in November, the newscast has undergone several changes to differentiate it from the others.

For starters, Wragge and Johnson occasionally comment on the stories that viewers have just watched or heard about. While it is not unheard of anchors offering such comments every once in a while, it seems to be much more pronounced at 5 p.m.

"Soapbox" is a feature that pops up every so often. It actually appeared a few times before November but has been seen more often in recent weeks with fresh graphics. Man-on-the-street-style soundbytes of random people sounding off on a chosen topic are shown a couple times in the hour. Such topics have included New Year's resolutions, the Jets and the Giants making it to the playoffs and whether there should be a limit on the amount of homework students are assigned. Back in 2001, CBS 2's 11 p.m. newscast sometimes had a very similar feature that went by the name of "Nightcast Soapbox."

"Top 5 at 5" is an occasional tips segment. Earlier this month, CBS 2 gave viewers five tips on "spicing up your love life." (CBS 2's "Fresh Grocer," Tony Tantillo, used to have a segment of the same name where he would show the week's top five buys at the grocery store.)

The latest interesting video is showcased in "Got To See." It comes complete with an opening animation and a "swoosh" sound.

While not exclusive to just the 5 p.m. broadcast, "Plus 2 Info" is the title given to the part of the show where the anchors add a bit of information that wasn't in the package that was just aired. There's nothing new about this except for the shiny graphic and the anchor telling viewers, "In your Plus 2 Information...."

Last week, a grouping of three or four stories going on across the country were given the name "What's Happening." And today, "The Buzz" became the title for entertainment headlines toward the end of the 5:00 half hour. Both, of course, not without graphics.

Will they get you to watch?

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Anonymous said...

Will I watch? Short answer: no. Long answer: hell no.

Great blog, btw.