Sunday, January 7, 2007

Lonnie Quinn to CBS 2?

Kevin sends along this story from WTVJ in Miami reporting that Lonnie Quinn, the station's morning weathercaster, is leaving NBC 6 for a "big-time job offer in one of the nation's top television markets" in the northeast. It was suggested a few weeks ago on the "Water Cooler" message board that Quinn would be joining CBS 2 News. If he does, he would be the second "weathercaster" to join the station this year, though his bio says that he holds an FAA meteorology certificate.

Quinn has been with WTVJ since April 2002. Before presenting the weather, he was an actor for two soap operas: one in New York and the other in Los Angeles. He also hosted a celebrity-oriented morning talk show in Minneapolis.

WTVJ suggests that they "broke the mold" with Quinn's hiring and his bio says that he has a unique style. His last day is this Thursday.

Quinn did not return an e-mail sent to him last week inquiring about the move, which he calls an "amazing opportunity."

(Don't you think that he at least slightly resembles another weatherman who recently moved from a New York station to a network morning show?)


RobTV said...

This was reported originally on back on Oct 18, 2006. Here is the article and was being denied at the time that he was in negotiations with WCBS to take over for Bullshit Bolaris.

Miami Weather Anchor headed to the Big Apple

It looks like one NBC staffer is getting away from the Peacock just in time. Miami sources tell FTVLive that WTVJ Weather Anchor Lonnie Quinn is leaving South Florida for the Big Apple.

Sources says that the former soap opera actor is headed to WCBS in New York City and one source tells FTVLive that he will eventually be replacing John Bolairs at WCBS.

Quinn has been at WTVJ since 2002 and got his start as a soap actor. His online bio states "Lonnie's professional career started in New York City as an actor on All My Children. After creating the role of Will Cortland, he landed in Los Angeles on the soap opera, Santa Barbara as "Rich Landers". Two years later, NBC cancelled Santa Barbara and Lonnie headed to Minneapolis. There he hosted a morning talk show called, The DayTime Show. The program aired weekdays and highlighted celebrities visiting the twin cities."
"As you can imagine, this show was lousy because celebrities don't visit the twin cities. Plus, you can only talk to Suzanne Summers for so long about the Thigh Master. Now, there's an invention," Lonnie says."

With the major cuts coming to the NBC properties later this week, it looks like Quinn is making the job at the right time.

Stay tuned, insiders say an official announcement will be coming in days.

jersey girl said...

I'm glad he's here. He's doing a good job. Now, if only Jeff Berardelli and Craig Allen were still there, too...the good ole days. :)