Monday, January 1, 2007

Welcome Back to NewsByte2!

NewsByte2 was the news section of the WCBS-TV fansite called "CBS 2 New York" from July 1999 until August 2005. It covered ratings, personnel moves, graphics updates, new studios, theme changes and other assorted gossip about all things WCBS. Sources included newspaper articles, station press releases, and observations from watching CBS 2. The site also relied heavily on the input from its readers.

As a new year begins, NewsByte2 returns, now hosted by Blogger. What was true in the past remains true today: It is YOU who will make this site what it is. Feel free to add your input by commenting on the posts. And if you have any news about CBS 2 News to report, fire off an e-mail to

Thank you for coming back and have a great 2007!

NewsByte2 webmaster (and WCBS-TV fan since 1996)

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