Tuesday, January 9, 2007

What Happened at 11:29?

That's what viewers of "The Price Is Right" were left wondering after the show took a break. It's usually the time when CBS 2 News does a 35-second tease for the News at Noon, followed by a commercial or two and then a five-second CBS promo before "TPIR" returns.

Instead, the screen went to black for a few seconds before being replaced by a station identification slide. This went on for nearly a minute before Chris Wragge and Kristine Johnson finally came on to tease the noon newscast. All seemed normal with the tease, except that it went longer: approximately 50 seconds in total. Wragge and Johnson also seemed to ad-lib at the end as the two talked about possible upcoming snow; these teases are usually tightly scripted. After the tease, "TPIR" was joined in progress.

With all the talk about losing ad revenue, it is interesting that a commercial was lost in the problems.

So what happened? Was someone not ready to go live? Technical difficulties?

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