Friday, January 12, 2007

Weather Computers Freeze For Bolaris

Tonight while giving the weather forecast, John Bolaris had to apologize for the computer freezing up, making him unable to show the rest of the maps and the graphics.

It happened as he was standing in front of the VIPIR radar map of the midwest on CBS 2 News at 11:00. Bolaris mentioned the "computer snafu," and luckily he didn't freeze along with the computer as he was able to recite in detail the forecast without the aid of the graphics. He then walked back over to the desk and noted that the three backup systems were all frozen. "This is an outrage," Jim Rosenfield joked.

Bolaris returned at 11:30 with the now-working weather graphics after Rosenfield introduced "the forecast you've been waiting for." The graphics included a new "Out The Door Forecast" for 7 a.m. with a virtual door opening up to reveal "Weather Dog 2 Finnigan." Bolaris apologized again for the earlier problems, saying that it happens every once in a while.

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